Art Model




David Long/Rachel Epp Buller


20/pay period


2 (one male and one female)


The art department is seeking art models for the fall semester. No prior experience necessary but we are looking for dependable students who are able to work Tuesday or Thursday afternoons from 1:00pm-3:30pm. Additional Requirements:

  • Be able to assume a variety of poses and not move for 20-30 minutes
  • Clothing requirements will vary depending on class assignment. For some projects street clothes are appropriate for the rest you will need to wear a bathing suit.
  • You need to be dependable. Students in these classes are depending on your presence to complete their assignments and it is expected that you are able to work when scheduled.
  • Take direction from both faculty and students.


  • Male or Female Student
  • Able to work with faculty members
  • Able to hold a pose for up to 30 minutes without moving.
  • Willing to pose in a swim suit for certain class projects
  • Prompt and dependable


While carrying out the duties of this job, student employees will develop the following work skills

  • Student will demonstrate dependability skills as measured by punctuality and reliability in attendance.
  • Student will demonstrate cooperation and teamwork skills by working well with others in harmony.