Student Ambassador - FILLED




Danica Dickson, James McCartney


Minimum 2 hours per week



Student Ambassadors will be an integral part of the admissions team and put in a minimum of 2 hours per week of work. When there are special events such as group visit days, weekend visits, etc., more hours may be required. Duties will include giving campus tours, moving students to appointments, eating lunch with prospective students, follow up with students, possible overnight hosting (if interested), group visit day student panels, and miscellaneous office tasks.

Event Involvements:

  • Individual prospective student campus tours

  • Individual prospective student visit facilitation (i.e. assist in moving students from appointment to appointment)

  • Explore Bethel Days (group visit events) campus tours

  • Explore Bethel Days student panels

  • Enrollment and audition days

  • Eating breakfast/lunch/dinner with prospective students (formally and informally)

  • Special events – weekend visits, activity camp hosting, Search Committee Candidates


Positive individuals with a love of Bethel who can communicate with a variety of prospective students and their families. Good verbal and listening skills; friendly and relates well with others; flexible; able to both lead and follow; good problem solver; self-confident; common sense and good judgment; positive attitude about being a student at Bethel and able to express this.

** Minimum Cumulative GPA of 2.5, No Major Student Life Discrepancies, and live On-Campus**


  • Interpersonal Skills. Exhibit clear verbal communication and listening skills. Be friendly and relate to others. Be assertive, not aggressive. Express empathy and kindness. Be respectful. Be confident in expressing yourself (appropriately). Take the initiative and build a relationship.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration. Be flexible and willing to cooperate and improvise. Contribute to the group and integrate other people’s ideas. Lead and follow.
  • Leadership. Listen, discern, and respond. Keep a level head. Solve problems. Exhibit self-confidence. Present information clearly and accurately. Exhibit common sense and good judgment. Delegate and let others take the lead when appropriate, “grab the bull by the horns” when needed.
  • School Spirit. Generate positive attitude about being a student at Bethel College. Express strengths and areas for improving the campus. Positively represent Bethel College.
  • Communication. With the student: ask questions, be honest, be engaging. With admissions staff: give feedback, positively accept constructive criticism.
  • Professionalism. Be relatable, yet maintain a sense of professionalism at all times.