Museum Prairie Assistant - filled but accepting applications to keep on file


Kauffman Museum


Andi Schmidt Andres


1-8 hours per week (school year) 2-20 hours per week (summer)




Employee will work with prairie consultant Brad Guhr to maintain the Kauffman Museum prairie reconstruction plot with duties including weeding and raking. On the job, student will gain extensive knowledge of native plant species. Duties may include operating a seed cleaner and preparing native plant seeds for sale. Time of day job is to be performed: TBD This job is often combined with the responsibilities of the Museum Student Assistant position.


Ability to do physical work outside, ability to operate a "bush whacker" mower (similar to a rototiller), interest in native plant communities and prairie reconstruction, interest in learning to process and prepare native plant seeds, ability to work independently. Biology or environmental sciences major helpful but not required.


  • Student will demonstrate proficiency in operation of a "bush whacker" mower.
  • Student will demonstrate knowledge of native plant species.
  • Student will demonstrate the ability to work independently by completing assigned tasks accurately, thoughtfully and in a timely manner.
  • Student will demonstrate knowledge of the prairie ecosystem and caring for a prairie reconstruction plot.