Student Chaplain


Student Life


Michael Unruh, Campus Pastor




Student Chaplains (SCs) work with the Campus Pastor to assess, guide, and encourage the development of a vital and vibrant spiritual life, an owned and enacted faith, and a passion for God’s Reign on the Bethel campus. They variously serve in leadership roles in worship, study, service, and prayer experiences for students; offer a listening ear and prayer for student concerns; and provide peer spiritual support. We seek a Student Chaplain team that is representative of and “tuned in” to the student body.



  • Participate in Campus Ministries Council meetings (scheduled every other week).
  • One of the following:
    • Prepare and lead a weekly Campus Ministries (CM) event, such as Bible Study, prayer group, etc.
    • Serve on the Chapel Planning Committee.
    • Plan and carry out special CM events, such as 24-Hour Prayer, Winter Jam trip, etc.
    • CM administration: campus announcements (print, email, convo), call meetings, etc.
  • Availability to students for spiritual support and prayer.


  • Model following Jesus Christ in all aspects of one’s life.
  • Uphold Bethel College Community Standards and Policies.
  • Attend weekly Chapel services (75% attendance expected).
  • Remain active in campus life: CA programming, student activities, athletics, fine arts, etc.


  • Manage time well; choose commitments wisely so as not to be spread too thin.
  • Meet 1-on-1 with the Campus Pastor every other week for spiritual care and personal check-in.
  • Maintain an active prayer life.

Community Standards

The Bethel College community will...

  • be weapons free;
  • be free of violence against others;
  • be respectful at campus activities, and considerate of others right to a quiet environment;
  • respect personal space and property;
  • be alcohol and drug free;
  • be tobacco free, except for designated outdoor areas;
  • abstain from sexual relations between unmarried persons;
  • affirm individual rights by rejecting verbal, sexual, physical and emotional harassment or discrimination of any kind;
  • respect and maintain the integrity of campus grounds and facilities;
  • support and protect each other by following all safety protocols and guidelines;
  • be good citizens by supporting all local, state, and federal laws
  • show appropriate respect to campus visitors and life-safety agencies (i.e. police department, fire department, paramedics);
  • support Bethel College’s goals and values by cooperating with students and employees in establishing and maintaining a positive environment for living and learning.


  • An owned and enacted faith commitment to following Jesus Christ in life.
  • A solid sense of self in Christ, and an ability to remain calm, clear, and connected in challenging situations.
  • Compassion and forbearance with others.
  • A willingness to be discipled, and to disciple others, in the life of following Jesus.
  • Strong Biblical literacy, or plans to enroll in Introduction to Biblical Studies.
  • Strong independence and initiative in carrying out tasks.
  • Strong relational and teamwork skills.
  • “Tuned in” to the student body in its diversity and creativity in engaging it.
  • An ability to manage time well.
  • A minimum Bethel College 2.0 GPA.


  • Community Assistants (CAs) are not eligible to serve as SCs, but may participate in Campus Ministries Council and lead CM events.
  • Only returning students or transfer students with similar previous experience are eligible to serve as SCs.
  • Students of any or no denominational affiliation are eligible to serve as SCs.
  • Students of any gender are eligible to serve as SCs.