Mojo's Barista


Mojo's Coffee Shop


Patty Meier (204)






Job entails preparing beverages and food items for customers, providing customer service, sharing knowledge about coffees, potentially baking and making food items, washing dishes, opening/closing shop and cleaning as necessary. Must be comfortable running a computer point of sale system and making change for sales. Job requires standing for long periods of time and some lifting.

Preference will be given to students who are able to work during the holidays and summer months.


Will train the right person. Must have an appreciation for the culture of coffee and ideally a love for coffee. Must be willing to CARE about the business, the coffee, the college, and most importantly the customer. Exceptional customer service is a requirement.


  • Customer service: Ultimate customer service will be learned as students understand the intricacies of coffee and share that knowledge with their customers by providing a positive coffee experience. Students will demonstrate loyalty to the coffee, the customer, and the business.
  • Leadership & Teamwork: Leadership skills will be developed as the baristas expand their knowledge and skills and utilize and share this information with co-workers and customers. Initiative will be assumed. Baristas will be a team and create and provide a fun environment for workers and the public.