Museum Student Assistant - filled but accepting applications to keep on file


Kauffman Museum


Andi Schmidt Andres


3-10 hours per week (school year) 8-40 hours per week (summer)




Confidence in interacting with the public politely and tactfully. Neat and clean appearance. Resourcefulness in answering visitors' and volunteers' questions. Reliability--student will be responsible for opening and closing the facility and setting alarms.


Museum Student Assistants are assigned a wide variety of tasks at Kauffman Museum—everything from janitorial duties, to processing bulk mailings, to data entry, to work on the outside prairie reconstruction, to running errands. Despite the variety, student assistants must primarily be able to meet and greet the public, conduct retail sales, introduce visitors to the museum, and effectively work with adult seniors volunteering at the museum. Often Student Assistants are “in charge” of the museum on weekends when other staff members are off. Time of day job is to be performed: Sat & Sun 1:15-4:45; Tuesday-Friday 9:15-4:45. Fall/spring job.


  • Student will demonstrate dependability skills as measured by punctuality and reliability in attendance.
  • Student will demonstrate customer service skills by presenting a pleasant, interested, helpful, and enthusiastic attitude.
  • Student will demonstrate leadership skills by working well with others, understanding, and directing senior volunteers..
  • Student will demonstrate responsibility skills through satisfactory, thoughtful, and timely completion of assigned tasks.
  • Student will demonstrate proficiency in use of a cash register and an alarm system.