Facilities Use Form

This form should be turned in no less than two (2) weeks before the scheduled event.

Submission of this form does not constitute a reservation
and does not guarantee service or staffing availability.

Availability of rooms, equipment and staffing will be determined by Business Services and IMS.

Audio Reinforcement (PA):

Video Projection

Support Equipment:

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Staffing requests

Lighting requests

Thermal temperature stand

  • I acknowledge the machine will be monitored 15 minutes prior to and 15 minutes past the event start time.

Bethel College Business Services and Information & Media Services reserve the right to modify your request according to availability and/or appropriateness. Some fees may apply based on space, services or equipment associated with the event.


By signing below, I agree to abide by all Bethel College and campus regulations regarding the use of space and I agree to restore the space to an orderly condition for the next user. I also recognize that this is a request for space and equipment, not a confirmation and that I should not advertise this event until I have received a confirmation from Bethel College Business Services. I also agree to make a concerted effort to lock or in another manner secure the rooms and or buildings utilized in my event. If I am unable to lock the spaces, I will contact Bethel personnel to help with the securing of the spaces.

or submit additional sheets to Business Services